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Children Ought to be Seen and Heard

In my opinion, to punish a child for talking back to a parent is unjustifiable, as by talking back, a child demonstrates two things: that s/he is an individual covered by the human rights proclamation in defense of free speech and that s/he is communicating.

When a parent rewards a child for being silent in the face of verbal abuse, that is mental cruelty and in essence, a form of child neglect, as the parent is neglecting the child's right to communicate freely.

This is the anatomy of rebellion in that child's teens.

Yet sadly, because a minor is in the custody of their caregivers, the rights of children are ignored, to their detriment.

Is it any wonder the things teenagers are doing today away from parents outrageous (gangs, murder, bullying)?

I say the seeds of rebellion and the child straying into the realm of decadent hedonism is tied to how the parent treats that child.

When you give them the opportunity to choice anything but hanging out with the wrong crowd, parents are not depriving children of having a life.

Rather, you are validating their right to be heard and seen.

If I had parents like that, then I'd want to share that story with the world.

Children ought to be seen and heard by their parents, not on the TV being busted for "mischief".

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