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Good Alone Means Nothing (satire)

For good is empty of evil; evil, of good.

Empty implies the quality called "good and evil" is not a thing that has been here since the beginning. Instead it is a reified object of abstract origin made to be real which it is not.

Indeed, there is no reified good or evil.

For the "battle between good and evil" is a metaphor for what each person does in his life.

As well, the devil is not a personification of evil opposed to the personification of good (God).

Rather, the devil or satan is merely the metaphor of the Tempter without any power to harm us, just as God is aloof from man. It is within the mind of a person that the so-called battle rages, not from the supernatural realm (a mystical dimension).

For God is the author of good and evil, and Jesus-worship is a violation of the first commandment that God is your Lord, and he does not take kindly to worship of Jesus, whilst forgetting God is in deity with Jesus. All "Jesus is Lord" means is Jesus is the god of the Chrisitans.

Yet, to Christians, Jesus in deity with God means Jesus is Lord God.

Therefore, asking us to accept Jesus into our hearts is unnecessary as God-worshipers such as Jews and Muslims believe in God, and can do very well without Christianity.

For a Christian, Jesus-worship is empty of God-worship but is full of Jesus in deity with God.

What that means is that Jesus became the means by which Gentiles (non-Jews) and Jewish converts came to know God as the Jews tend to keep Gentiles (Goyim) in the dark about all things Jewish.

Thus it became difficult to know God personally as the Jew would stone any Goyim who tried to read the Talmud.

This is why Christianity was invented: to know God by accepting Jesus into their hearts. In this way, the Bible replaced the Talmud and the Jewish tendency to isolate was rejected.

As well, the Salafi Muslims err in persecuting Coptic Christians because their hate crimes against Christians violate Muslim respect for Christians.

Salafi propaganda is a fascist political tool that combines religious hatred for Christianity with violence against Christians, Jews and so-called unbelievers. For them, good means a worldwide Caliphate, which is impossible to arise due to the tendency for humanity to resist against hate and violence.

As much as anti-Semitism against Jews is a hate crime, so too is oppression of Coptic Christians and violence against unbelievers.

For Salafi Muslims are much too zealous to be considered a proper Muslim. Here the good that is full of hate and empty of love for all people as the Salafi display it is untrue and thus a pernicious fallacy inflamed by their zeal.

Were God to bless their enemies, not one Salafi Muslim would view as such. In their blindness, they are led by Shaitan and fooled by Iblis. Yet a Salafi would deny this and resort to violence while affirming that they are led by God to cleanse the land for the future Caliphate.

I do not write this to inflame a man's heart against Islam, but rather to convince people that Salafi Muslim are Muslim only in name. Even if they pray five times a day, they cannot wash off the curse of Cain, which is to murder others out of jealousy over God's blessing of their works.

Just as a Jew Jealously guards his Talmud from Christian eyes, so too does a Salafi guard his faith from the moderation of mainstream Islam, which he finds to be the root of unbelief of the moderate Muslims.

Good alone means nothing to a zealot. For he thinks he is good and others evil. The truth is, good and evil is relative to the situation, and in the situation of the Salafi warrior, it is good to kill unbelievers. His way is subtly influenced by Shaitan.

No matter how many infidels a Salafi warrior kills, his reward will still be the one of what the Christian calls "sinners", which is a time when to help cleanse the warrior of his sins, he will be cast into the pits of the Hells.

What this means is, the Salafi warrior has besmirched his name and brought shame to his ancestors. It is only by the forgiveness of the rest of humankind that their legacy will be redeemed. For there is a purpose to such zealous acts of mayhem and violence.

Since the Salafis see the Coptic Christian displays of piety as sacrilege, it is due to their level of shame which conflicts with the level of pride the Christians demonstrate when consecrating their churches. It makes me wonder if their ancestors were also guilty of condemning the Christ.

Out of their shame they act with the zeal of madman, killing Christians, be they men, women or child.

All the Christians of this world can do is condemn it and think of the good in forgiving the Salafis, for their ignorance of their actions.

That ignorance is what leads to the evil caused by their violence against the Christians.

It is not the Christian's duty to resist evil through violence, lest by raising a hand they go to Hell.

Even though the Jews may laugh at such things, even their actions bear the fruit now of evil rather good. It may be good to Israeli to kill nine Palestinians, but the one Israeli who was shot by a Palestinian sniper was a contractor to the Israel Defence Force. Though it was also a good for the Palestinians to martyr the killers of their people, their revenge is an evil.

Thus, no good will come of it, all this violence in the Middle East.

If I take a side, then I am no better than them. So on this matter, relative to good and evil, neither side is good (worth defending), be it Christian, Jew or Muslim.

For good alone means nothing.

Originally written January 20, 2013 4:21 AM

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