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My Opinions on War on Terror (satire)

IMHO I think that both side of the war against terror are missing the point.

Since the enemy isn't eager to save their lives, IMHO the war on terror needs to be fought with less death as a result.

I'd be demanding that the US allow the Taleban to survive as captives and be treated with respect and dignity according to Geneva convention, especially when they might not give you the same respect IF you are captured and do not convert to Islam.

IMHO towards Muslims, I'd follow the path of Nanak. In front of Muslims he denied being Hindu; in front of Hindus he denied being Muslim. In the end, he died at peace. Yet the Muslims didn't get it, and they continued their forced conversion of India during Mughal rule, so that the Sikhs arose to defend their faith.

It was only in the face of oppression that the Sikhs became warriors, and forgot that Nanak had saved his life and countrymen by acting as he did.

It takes a wise person to understand this and realize that it isn't Islam that we are fighting but terrorists hiding behind religion who are nothing more than criminals.

In essence, we are fighting the terrorists to save them from their self oppression which leads to terrorism, oppression against women, and other evils.

Indeed, most people deluded by the glory of war ignore this truth: "A warrior may conquer 1000 foes, but one who conquers himself is the true warrior."

IMHO the war against terror arose because of apocalype propaganda both on the part of the Bush administration and on the part of the terrorists due to their obsession with religion, be it Christian or Islam.

Neither side sees the Dalai Lama or even peace activists as helpful because of the myopic beliefs held by Christians and Muslisms.

As well, both sides of this struggle hide behind God which prevents people from realizing that it is the West's dependence on oil and the West's aim to profit from Americanizing the Middle East that motivates the US.

IMHO ending this war will not stop the terrorists from trying to control the Middle East again.

Fanaticism excludes the ability to fight to save the other person's life, because at its root it is excluded by the obsession with forcing ultraconservative Salafi Islam as way of life on everyone else, due to the fanatic's belief that everyone else are unbelievers (kaf'r) and worthy only of death and not mercy.

For all terrorists who revere the Salafi way of life believe themselves to be the only True believers. Even the worst of Christian fundamentalism is not as criminal as the Salafi way is.

If I had to choose between Christianity and Islam, I'd choose Chassidic Judaism because of its emphasis of the joy of loving-kindness.

Only both Gnostic Christianity and Sufism are close to solving conflict.

However, my Buddhist heritage would promote moderation of monotheism, lest its excesses lead my astray from Life's true objective: peace of mind.

When I think about the typical Muslim terrorists, it reminds me more of a zombie Apocalypse especially when in Christian apocalyptic propaganda, the Christian dead are supposed to rise up out of their graves to fight in God's army against Satan and his minions, both demons and everyone living and dead who chose the left path over the right path of Jesus.

Indeed, the End of Days looks like a zombie Apocalypse.

Originally posted June 23, 2010 at 1:07 PM

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