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Canada Lacks al-Qaeda Terorrists (satire)

Contrary to US propaganda, the US has not been bumping off al Qaeda with precision. If they have, the amount of collateral damage would be less than it is now.

For every al Qaeda killed, there appears to be up to nine noncombatants killed.

In certain areas such as Syria, collateral damage is up to 20 times greater e.g. for every al Qaeda member killed by Syrian government, up to 180 or more Syrians are killed.

However, the incident of al Qaeda in Canada is 20, assuming that al Qaeda implies home-grown terrorists inspired by al Qaeda activity in the Middle East. All of these home-grown terrorists in Canada never committed a terrorist act. Rather, they have been purported to have committed attempted terrorist acts, which is not the same as a completed act.

Therefore Canada lacks true al-Qaeda terrorists. Attempted terrorism is not the same as a completed act of terrorism.

What the RCMP actually "caught" are would-be terrorists groomed by CSIS operatives in an entrapment scheme.

None of these so-called terrorists are actually terrorists. The only reason that the mass media news outlets reported them was to make us feel secure in knowing that the RCMP can catch terrorists that State operative have groomed.

Thus this is a red flag that in Canada, the State is willing to label victims of its fake terrorist entrapment scheme as al-Qaeda.

Such is the price we pay regarding propaganda about the fallacy of home-grown terrorism in Canada.

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