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How the Schizoid Becomes Schizophrenic

My understanding of schizoid is that it simply refers to a person who chose his world over the world at large. 

IMO it's a defense mechanism that arises over time to protect the schizoid person from his own fear of the world. 

For the schizoid world honors greatly the individual over society.

Medication would prevent such a person from adapting to social pressure and its influence on conforming to social norms.

As well, I feel that rather than an illness, any schizophrenia arising from maladaptation to stress to conform may consist of dysfunctional use of defense mechanisms.

Medication does nothing to help a person to become socialized.  This is why it should be accompanied by psychotherapy and patience by the therapist.

I even consider the delusions arising within the comorbid psychosis that often accompanies schizophrenia to be maladaptation to stress arising from the many fears that the schizophrenic has.

While most of these fears are unfounded, schizophrenics prefer their delusions over reality since it is easier to accept them than to accept the fact that the world is not as safe as a caring family or its State-mandated equivalent.

For the schizophrenic has learned that the world is not a caring and friendly place.




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