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Watch Out for These Pharmaceutical Companies

Over the next year, these are the eight pharmacuetical companies to watch in the news.

No, this isn't a stock market tip. Rather, this is a list of pharmaceutical companies which manufacture psychiatric drugs for ADD, depression, schizophrenia and related forms of mental illness.

They are also the ones who profit from the bio-chemical theory of modern psychiatry, which is verges on being a pseudo-science mainly because it ignores the social causes of mental illness (child abuse, child neglect, bullying and related causes).

I feel strongly that the social model of mental illness will reduce the stigma that the medical model of deficit and pathology has brought to us. Included in the medical model is the bio-chemical theory of how psychopharmaceutical drugs work.

However, without a grasp of the social model, it would be almost impossible for psychotherapy to educate the mental health consumer during therapy sessions as a vital part of proper management of symptoms and effect remission.

Astra Zeneca

Glaxo Smith Kline







It is up to anyone concerned about Big Pharma to research each company's involvement in lawsuits, including out of court settlements with each of them and the plaintiffs, where the companies effectively "bribed" survivors of killings and suicides related to mental illness.

If I did this for you, then you'd just take my word for it and not actively participate in monitoring Big Pharm's slippery slope in providing effective medication for mental health consumers which were actually unsafe to take.

So I ask anyone who is experience with Google to search each company's name with the keywords "murder", "suicide" and "killing".

In doing so, you will actively particpate in seeing the social cost to the People by the State in following the medical model of mental illness blindly without moderation by a reciprocal social model.

Thank you for helping me out. Please feel free to post comments.

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