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Kick the Devil Out of The House of God, Christians! (satire)

If God is the author of good and evil, then the devil cannot be the embodiment of evil.

Therefore, the New Testament's "devil / Satan as embodiment of evil" along with the misappropriated demon "myths" are erroneous doctrines which is mistakenly turned into dogma for the sole reason of controlling a Christian church's congregation.

I contend that these myths are not Biblical and may have been inserted into the Bible or into church doctrine during the days of the Early Church up to and past Augustine's time.

However, in the process of using the devil as a way of using fear to control the congregation, church leaders are actually promoting a subtle devil worship by inculcating an unconscious respect for Satan, often unknowingly.

It is this fear of the devil which violates the commandment of worshiping only the Lord God, and thus opens any church with a doctrine which supports the dualism of good or evil.

For the true church of God is better off with the doctrine of good and evil and respect its Creator.

Indeed, the devil has no place in a house of the Lord. Thus, the good versus evil scenario as predating man is erroneous and un-Biblical.

In teaching the congregation to fear the devil and to love Jesus in diety with Lord God, Christian churches are teaching them satanic dogma, which should have no place in the house of the Lord God.

For God is solely the author of good and evil, and the devil has no authorship for evil.

Only in man is there potential for great evil and for great good.

Being a supernatural being, the devil has no power over us. His actions can only be discerned working through the behavior of our fellow man, and even then it is questionable if the evil of a person's act is due to satan or his own free will.

Indeed, the devil's influence is little — he just makes suggestions that only fools commit as acts which are designed to destroy that fool's self esteem.

Thus the devil's true purpose is to suggest to the fool selfish acts of delusion, to either get him to forget about God through shame or to learn through such failure how to succeed as a man of God.

Indeed, the choice is up to each of us to choose God or the devil, but emphasizing the duality of God or the devil is like playing with fire.

For the Christians have paid dearly for inserting that erroneous duality into their dogma.

Originally posted: January 12, 2013 8:28 PM

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Radha Santadharma said...

See what happens when church dogma teaches fear of satan?