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The Radical Jesus (satire)

After examining the Jesus picture on Wikipedia, I have found that he also looks Palestinian. For his time, Jesus was a radical. He helped an adulteress, healed a madman, and hung around fishers, tax collectors, and the poor.

At no time did he condemn homosexuality.

Rather this was an edict made by a Byzantine emperor after his Christian mother suggested that homosexuality among the Greek Orthodox Church clergy be banned and all priests be married, except for the archbishop.

Thus the anti-homosexual propaganda made by Christian leaders is originally a State edict that became a controversial doctrine in many Christian churches today.

If a Christian claims that homosexuality is condemned in the Bible, then he is wrong. The Bible makes no such condemnation. Rather, the Sodom and Gomorrah story is a parable about a God who willingly kills people if they don't follow him.

My reason for including a picture of Jesus was to give a wake up call to intelligent Christians to challenge them about the church doctrine condemning homosexuality.

For there is a big difference between being a Christian and hating homosexual people. Jesus said to love one another, and to not judge others.

That was a radical position to take almost 2000 years ago.

Today, the Christians need to cease hate-mongering and reflect Jesus' love rather than hate.

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Thank you, Miley Cyrus and Wikipedia.

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