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The Threat of Individualism

It's socially impossible to affirm that "I am an individual, apart from others."

For every one of us is in relationships with other people, be it family, friends or loved ones. Therefore, individuality is a myth designed to isolate us from each other.

We do not exist as individuals; we exist as people who do not determine our worth by the individual but by our communities.

Thus, the myth of the individual is found to be a most dehumanizing thing, because it actually isn't what makes us human, for it socially isolates each person.

For individuality is not freedom; yet each of us yearns for liberation from the group, even though the group needs us to ensure harmony.

Anyone who denies that the myth of individuality is the cause of our society breaking down should deal with living in a city with a population of 250,000 strangers.

Any criminal may be caught up in the myth of individuality. Indeed, it may be the cause of crime, because such a person is sure to have given in to his selfish needs.

Therefore, individuality, being the myth that it is, is a threat to humanity's survival as a society.

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