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The "Right" Decision

I decided in Grade 12 I'd never get married.

34 years later, with most of my classmates either single, married or divorced, IMHO that decision gets validated with the latest news headlines about youth crime and "swarmings", thanks to the State monitoring of child abuse in the family (a last resort of discipline) and the resulting "spare the rod, spoil the child" method of child rearing now being enforced.

Yet I sometimes get told that I've never truly lived a full life because I've never raised a family.

In retort I say "The Dalai Lama never raised a family, but he has saved his Tibetan culture, which in essence is his whole 'family'."

Thus, in choosing not to raise a family of my own, I chose to help and be of service to others. Indeed, in my eyes, the whole world is my "family".

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