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With the Diamond Mind (poem)

With the diamond mind, the awakened one can clearly see:
If consciousness and awareness meant the same thing,
then an unconscious person would be unaware of the mind
Though a conscious person may too unaware of the mind,
he too is able to be aware of the mind.
Yet an unconscious person cannot be aware of the mind,
just as an unaware person is conscious only of no-mind.
Imagine if you will boundless wisdom,
and at the same time, boundless compassion.
They represent Amida, the Thus-Come-One,
He who is highly aware of consciousness only, and
He who is highly conscious of his mind only,
the brilliant and magnificent diamond mind.
For awareness and consciousness are but two facets
of the ordinary and quite normal mind,
while compassion and wisdom are but two facets
of the extraordinary and magnificent diamond mind.

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