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Being human: the divine connection

"To err is human, to forgive divine" — Alexander Pope

It is possible for a person to be both human, prone to error, and determined to be spiritually pure of mind.

All that's required is to have the childlike nature for spontaneity.

When I make errors of omission that's what I'm speaking about - since it requires me to think ahead. Yet the errors are also forgivable ones that do not harm others, are easily corrected, and help me to learn from my mistakes.

It's one thing to realize your errors; but it's even more remarkable to learn from them.

That's where the pure mind comes in. It is unchanged by our human errors. Only our ability to blind ourselves to the spiritual interconnectedness of life stands in the way of seeing the divine connection between the pure mind and the human condition.

Indeed, the pure mind helps us to forgive ourselves for our trespasses, the errors that the human condition inevitably bring.

The key to reconciling the human condition with the pure mind is to be like a child, forgetting slights, admitting one's errors, and moving on with humility.

Never forget that the pure mind is the repository of love and compassion.

An Essay on Criticism:

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