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Crunch Bang Linux Tips: Pulling App Window Into Toolbar and Moving Conky Display

Recently I wanted to do two things on my PC running CrunchBang Linux: pull an app window into its topbar and move my conky display from top right to bottom right.

Here are my two tips on how I accomplished both tasks.

1) How to pull an app window into its topbar

Left-click with the mouse on the up-arrow in the window manipulation area in the top right corner of an app window pulled the app's window into its topbar

The reason why I wanted to pull the app window into its topbar was to move it to the top of the screen.

With both topbars for Terminal and Iceweasel are at the top of the screen, put of the conky display is obscured.

This brings us to my next tip...

2) How to move conky display from top-right to bottom-right

The reason for this change was when Iceweasel and Terminal had their respective window pulled into their respective topbar, it would hide the top of conky's display.

To make conky display at bottom-right, I replaced the alignment item in .conkyrc from "top-right" to "bottom-right."

To do this I used the following command to open up .conkyrc in my home directory using gedit:

$ sudo gksu gedit .conkyrc

The line to change is:
alignment top_right

Just change "top" to "bottom".

Then save .conkyrc and close gedit.

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