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Anger Cured With Patience and Love (poem)

How the mood does change
From anger to sullenness,
Until this old fool
Remembers to soak the stain
with Love and rinse in patience.

To people always angry
this old fool knows well,
how fury can stain the mind
darkly 'til hope sighs
in wait of patience and love.

'Tis the worst advice
for a pop psychologist
to say that anger
is better expressed than not —
only have rage surprised her.

Indeed, the worst thing to vent
is the primal rage,
unleashed without the control
over one's anger —
'Tis folly to attempt it.

Surely this old fool
has experienced it all,
anger and rage — O!
were he to give vent, the death
would be of his self control.

With patience, anger can be
soothed with love that is kinder
than the repression
that smouldered into fire —
How soothing is Love unleashed!

So unleash your love
while guided by patience to
control the mind now!
Pity the old fool who, lost
to rage, now grows still, alone.

With remorse, his heart will burst,
and humility
has him hanging his head low,
until he rises
to meet the day's challenges

Cured with patience and love is
this old fool, again!
His rough ride through all of hell
never is worth pain
this great of sheer regretfulness.

One day soon will he
treat anger with the patience
that the lover has
for the Beloved, for Love
is the answer we all share.

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