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Is Buddhist Wisdom the Cause of Success?

Success is determine by the number of your failure.

If you think you have not failed, then your success has blinded you to the little failures you swept aside on your way to riches.

In Buddhism, wisdom requires many hours of meditation. The test of wisdom is determined by who remains calm under stress because of meditation. Those people who never practice meditation only have the wisdom of experience to guide them.

However, such wisdom is useless when being mugged by robbers or getting a bailout from the gov't (corporate welfare).

Clever people are either egocentric or other-centric e.g. are of service to others, and helpful to everyone.

Cunning people mainly are egocentric, which helps to amass wealth as the cunning are notorious for giving away their tips of making the ego work for you. For this is where our vanity comes from.

A person with a healthy ego will let other people take the limelight as their egocentricity is great while the guy is people-centric.

Success thus requires truthfulness even if it means a handful of people will not buy your sales pitch and shop elsewhere.

Success also requires learning from experience. This requires humility i.e. the ability to feel shame and wish for repentance.

It is not became of Buddhism that a lama of the red robe such as the Dalai Lama becomes a Buddhist.

Rather it is a sense of pride to know that your brother, sister, mother or father is a Lama that drives mothers and father to tell the lamas, "My child is the new rinpoche because she preached the Dharma to her rag doll, and also to her plushies." Ok, I apologize for that joke.

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