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My Dharma is Against the Stream

Buddha said: my dharma is against the stream.
This old fool says: I have no dharma but Buddha's,
And even that, I practice poorly and incorrectly.

Were I to have my own dharma, it is certain that it would be New Age, even though most of my practice would bee similar to Chinese Pure Land Buddhism.

Since I only have an intellectual understanding of Tibetan Buddhism, it boggles my mind to consider practicing any of it on my own without a Vajrayana guru to guide me.

That is, if I could afford the cost of going for Vajrayana.

However, I see Vajrayana through Buddha eyes too. From what they could see, Tibetan Buddhism is similar to Shingon School of Japanese Buddhism.

What this means is mysticism combined with something called mikkyo, which consists of chanting dharanis and mantras.

Hopefully that that's all done in Shingon for the same reason why I chanting: to prepare myself for rebirth in the Pure Land of Bliss.

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