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The Cure for Suffering

What is ego but the self pretending it is the little god of the universe?

Yes, I know: everyone's been taught that the ideal ego is the healthy ego which is free from want and is satisfied with just enough of everything.

This is fine in an ideal world, but this world consists of suffering.

This at first sounds depressing but there is character to be built because of suffering.

For suffering with patience and love surely protects us from the ravages of anger.

I do not mean suffering is a noble sacrifice where one suffers needlessly. Even though a man may suffer great anxiety, that anxiety could be "cured" through meditation after just assuring that oneself will be reborn in the Pure Land.

It is said that to say the name of the Buddha, one will surely be reborn as Buddha.

All it takes is to utter the Six Symbols.

Namu Amida Bu (Homage to Boundless Light)

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