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The Only True Mind Control Prevents Brainwashing

I learned to not expect a thing in life, and thus have avoided much #disappointment; except when self doubt plagues me.

#Buddhism provides the only solution that works, even though it's a long and hard road to freedom for Westerners who have gotten over #guilt and #shame after becoming apostatic as atheists, agnostics, and New Agers.

When a Westerner expresses guilt and shame, it brings up the trauma associated with those two human condition.

However, the whole point of repenting, which is also a Buddhist practice, is to share your secrets so they do not become fools gold one clings to, due it being like gold.

Personally, a person who hides all his dirty little secrets and tries to become a Buddhist who has realized samadhi and even satori because his practice helps Budhi Mind to arise in him.

Such a person will end up frustated by not even achieving joy, which results in dissatisfaction, both of which as forms of human suffering.

Repentance means turning away from evil karma i.e. admitting to not being perfect and describing how one is rendered an ordinary person by eons of evil karma, performing the Buddhist practices of chanting and meditation for the good of all sentient beings.

Thus repentence is when a person turns away from actions that harm either him or others; actions that harm him and others, actions that harm him, and actions that harm others.

One vows never to harm others, which prevents harm to harmless folk.

All in all, Buddhism makes people int harmless folk. For being harmless is part of the Buddhist way of peace, by controlling your mind.

Only you can control your mind; when you blame others for controlling it, that does not excuse to your irresponsibility.

It would better to admit to playing the blame game, rather than performing what amounts to a sick circus juggling act involving a chainsaw turned on, and the juggler blind-folded. At some time during the performance, either someone is going to lose finger or die.

Blaming others for mind control is like that game, which makes everyone blamed a spectacle to see when the secret is uncovered.

Returning back to what I have learned in life: "mainstream mind control" is a delusion which is projected on people to believe a white lie about mind control."

For the fact is: mind control is based on the fear that others could insert and extract information from an individual's mind.

This is a hopeless myth.

In most cases of mind control, there is a dupe who complies under pressure (to conform) to the handlers' ideology.

This is a survival trait when a group of human beings who know each other intimately (without the nitty gritty of sex) who adhere to a symbol that suggests cohesion of their group.

That symbol becomes their core ideology, and then the group morphs into a fanclub. >:)

In a fanclub, the trufans agree, but the majority of fans object to the weird and creepy feeling that trufans are such fanatics because they not only consume mass media's version of say, animé, they get upset when an innovative fan writes something non-canonical.

Even the computer wars between Windows, Mac, and Linux are forms of mind control as you can tell who is the trufan and who are fans who know their limits, unlike the fanatical trufan who will argue with any fan who pipes up "But OpenBSD is way more secure than Windows, Mac or Linux!!!"

A trufan who has never used OpenBSD but complains about how hard it is to get a GNOME desktop under OpenBSD probably does not do Unix.

Such a trufan is always a die-hard Windows fanatic i.e. claims all the bad habits teach him frres him from the command-line BS.

Yet he still secretly asks for help from the Linux and Mac gurus because his computer was overtaken by a botnet trojan which slowed it down to Windows 3 speed. ;)

Anyway, to summarize, mind control as I know requires compliance by the person being "brainwashed", usually to ensure personal survival.

Mind control as the Buddha teaches is is designed to withstand brainwashing and counteract with a stronger mind control which has aided Buddhists to remain the last of the peaceful religions, apart from the Theravada fanatics.

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