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Child Abuse and Its Relation to Addictions and Mental Health

My best friend was FM. After hearing how he grew up in Surrey as a kid, I realized that child abuse is also the prime factor in alcoholism and drug abuse.

However, the rest of this blog post isn't about him but is chiefly concerned with the prevalence of child abuse in the addiction and mental health field.

Due to the fact that no health professional can handle trauma without getting tripped up by its intensity, child abuse sometimes overlooked by mental health professionals.

As well, I learned that child abuse and neglect is sometimes swept under the rug by health professionals because of the costs in burnout due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder induced by detailed revelations of the abuse.

Victims of child abuse or neglect are given a limited (PTSD) time in psychotherapy (2 years) because therapy does not work with personality disorders caused by PTSD from the abuse.

However, any health professional who reacts negatively to a person hurting from child abuse, even though both parents are dead, acts in an unprofessional manner when that mental health consumer is told to "get over it."

When a person chooses to live in her own hell, the challenge is in offering her choices that show to her the futility of living in hell.

A lack of belief in heaven and a God that is forgiving is lost on child abuse victims whose father used to abuse them as children because the only father they knew was mean to them.

Religion is also lost on them when the abuse was done by a certain Christian sect. Such Christian sects attract child abusers and other sinners who break Jesus' rule against harming children, because it is so easy to control the church hierarchy by invoking the name of the Devil or Satan to prevent exposure of the crime.

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