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Being (A Meditation)

Neither distress nor depression is caused by thoughts. What causes the distress?

How you deal with your thoughts determines the level of distress.

What causes the depression?

Not having dealt with your thoughts determines how depressed you are.

During meditation, be impartial and observe with detachment your thoughts, your feelings and your emotions — do not evaluate, do not make comparisons or judgment on them.

Just be with the thoughts, while stepping back from your stream of consciousness.

If you get caught by it, and inevitably you will, then gently refocus on the object of your meditation, be it breath, sound, object.

Mindfully dealing with thoughts acts to desensitize your reaction to thoughts.

With repeated training you will be able to observe the difficult emotional state coming to you without getting overwhelmed with it in seconds. The formerly charged emotions will lose their power over you.

It does not mean you will feel nothing, but you will not add unnecessary and self-destructive feelings to an already annoying experience.

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