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Dear ET, Save Us from President Kim of North Korea! (humour)

It takes ten thousand planets to be inhabitable in a universe as large as this era's — only one thousand are like ours.

Of these thousand planets perhaps only a half of them are civilized enough not to invade our Earth — no chance of alien invasions, regardless of what the UFO fanatics fear.

Most likely if an alien landed, it might be to congratulated us for not blowing ourselves up with nuclear missiles from Iran, North Korea, or Pakistan.

Perhaps right now, the UFOs are visiting North Korea to prevent World World Three from happening, all because of trade embargoes and other difficulties of which America has been the cause.

Let's hope those 500 civilizations in our galaxy are holding meeting to send a message to President Kim, perhaps by mind control techniques that makes anything the CIA has
to be silly and ridiculous.

Why? Because I don't want to glow in the dark after one of North Korea's errant missiles wipes out Vancouver by accident.

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