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NWSF: Warning! May is National Masturbation Month

According to their website, The Canadian Mental Health Association is against masturbation, as most of the medications reduce the ability to have orgasms. So a lot of mentally ill people have given up on orgasms in favor of quality relationships.

I can't think of a funny comeback to this as some types pf medications not only reduce the ability to have an orgasm, they also do not improve a person's ability to take a joke.

As well, the advocation of masturbation would not be endorsed by the government, due to the myth that it leads to reduced production at work. If the government had its way, then it would expect anyone aged 16 or older to be working.

Is it is any wonder that sex crimes including stalking have gotten into the law books? People obsessed about sex who get caught are unfairly daemonized by society as either a criminal or worse, mentally ill.

Perhaps this is how the "sex is counterproductive to the GNP of a nation" myth got started. First you label them crazy; then you criminalize them.

However, masturbation is the only safe sex when practiced online without intention to meet. What this means is the vice of erotica isn't going to be defeated by making it illegal online. It also means that sanitizing the Internet would also require sanitizing the world i.e. allowing sexually repressive laws to control our sex lives.

Of course, there is an alternative: we could learn more about Tibetan Buddhism and its tantric yoga. We could even learn about skyclad yoga, though there would be less co-ed classes for it due to the risk of decadent hedonists ruining its purpose to transcend the carnality of coitus.

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