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Pure Land Zen: Meditation and Buddha Recitation

Once you regularly meditate, although you still have thoughts wandering through the halls of the mind, Buddha Recitation soon makes it easy to bear those thoughts without clinging.

Even though you have countless thoughts, meditation helps the mind to ignore these thoughts so that you can focus on Buddha Recitation only to uncover a mind of no-thought.

Without clinging, a mind of no-thought remains thoughtful, yet empty of form. Neither meditation or Buddha Recitation is the cause of a mind of no-thought. Rather, it is good karmic merit accumulated by meditation and Buddha Recitation.

To forget Buddha Recitation and abandon meditation is to lose the Middle Way — a tragedy.

It is a tragedy because returning to the Realms of Desire makes it difficult to meditate and regularly recite the Buddha's name.

This is why I have faith in the Primal Vow, and believe that on my death the Pure Land is where I am destined.

I also believe that regular Buddha Recitation helps

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