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Evil is Evil

Evil is evil and good, good. Yet Christians today abhor the truth that God is the author of good and evil. They say he is all good, but much of the Old Testament, God appears to use men to do his will and appears to approve of murder, violating one of his own commandments.

Christians justify this by stating that the people who God's people killed were sinners. However, these sinners did not cast the first stone. Likewise, in the religious wars in Europe and in the Holy Land, the Crusades also violated the commandment to not kill. Ergo, they have no true moral justification. Rather, they were motivated by the sin of lust for glory and gold.

This is why people today are more likely to go atheistic: Christianity today often violates the Ten Commandment and substitutes for them rules based on Paulician gospel, which often is used to justify oppression of women, anti-gay advocacy and other things that seem more important than the Commandments.

Even as a Buddhist, if I had a choice in what good I could derive from the Bible, then it would be the Ten Commandments because they are common sense. Civilizations are formed based on these rules, but no one is civilized who does not consistently follow them.

In my eyes, Christianity creates unnecessary evil by being inconsistent about killing.

How is killing Muslims "good" when murder is evil? If a mother kills her children, then why do they go to heaven and why should she go to hell? Why is it that all people who side with the devil be condemned to the Hells to burn for eternity when God is love? Would not a merciful God merely purify all of his creation, which each person is from conception, through fire and brimstone?

Is not being condemned to burn forever in the Hells torture and thus ungodly? If so, then it is not God who inspired the author who wrote Revelations but a man who was a despot and hated Christians for not respecting the Roman gods.

I do not write any of this to expect reformation amongst Christians, but to point out flaws in Christianity. Because Christian religious belief is not based solely on reason but on the emotional attachment to faith justified by a rational outlook based on God alone, some of the stuff that is supposed to be good gives enough temptation to sin.

However, nothing in Christianity so far tempts me to convert from Buddhism, mainly because belief in their imaginary friend, his father and especially his mother is based on a faith foreign to me.

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