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Pure Mind and Ten Virtues

From birth to death, a person exists. Yet throughout his life he soon falls asleep to the call of Buddha Nature.

From lifetime to lifetime, for countless millennia, this person then becomes caught in the cycle of rebirth, reborn as Hell being, hungry ghost, animal, human, demon or god.

This is the fate of the sleepers who never awaken to Buddha Nature.

However, the Buddha has shown that with diligent effort through countless lifetimes,
it is possible to let go of desire so that rebirth in the six realms of desire
becomes unnecessary.

All it takes is mindful contemplation to settle the mind and achieve the calm mind conducive to the arising of Bodhi Mind. From that point, one merely observes his mind to discover the ends to escape the cycle of rebirth.

Both contemplation and observation of the mind is known as samatha-vipasyana meditation, and is the skillful means to break that cycle.

What are those ends? Samadhi (single-minded focus) which is of the eightfold path (pure concentration) that leads to the Pure Mind.

This Pure Mind is the end result of practicing the Ten Virtues

Ten Virtues:

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