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Well, April was a Flop in Blogger income

After a small amount of income happening last fall and winter, the spring brought me the realization that I cannot be happy and make money online as it means spending too much time indoors. My happy times are when I'm out and about.

It makes me doubt that people successful at this are sitting on their asses making money. They must have a staff or are super organized.

Also, it appears that my "spamming" of Blogspot articles to Google Plus has led to changes that makes it difficult to maintain a high output to compensate for the brevity of my articles.

I discovered yesterday that I would have to work 24/7 to maintain more than $1 a month of income.

As for Youtube posts, I would have to post no less than 5 posts a day. However, it cannot all be music videos as it takes 2-4 hours per video to create the song and transform pictures into video. It would be easier to create a vlog and discuss a topic but that demands a script.

I'd be better off trying to intentionally make money from blog and youtube posts by increasing production but not end up losing sleep — something like a 9-5 on-line existence.

I also need new material and have tried to write about topics other than Buddhism to see what the Google Plus fans want.

Thanks for your support!

OK, I just realized that twitter solves the spamming issue by turning on the feature that tweets ever G+ I make...

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