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Review of Rockfish RF-SPX15-T

Apologies about the poor quality of the video. I was playing around lo-fi special effects, handmade with loving care. :)

Today's review is the Rockfish RF-SPX15-T, a Bluetooth speaker that I got free in a smartphone deal with my Best Buy Mobile dealer.

Here is the speaker bonded to the iPhone 4. I make no money for this video as it has copyrighted content, so Youtube will get its 100%.

It's a great speaker and has some audio distortion at maximum volume due to the form factor. Though, distortion is relative to the environment. A bunch of party-goers won't care about the sound as much as a sober audiophile.

Though I tend to think audiophiles who think good audio can be objectively evaluated forget that psychoacoustic properties are mostly subjective.


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