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The Short Meditation on the Metaphysics of Non-Duality

Dualism affects the Western mind so much it rejects the truth that good and evil depend on what man creates.

The epitome of dualism is "Either you are for us or against us" which is a logical fallacy since picking sides has dire consequences.

The non-dual approach says, "Who cares is One is not equal to Zero?" They merely represent the Absolute (1) and the void (0) but are in themselves both a duality and a continuum.

Non-dualism does not reject duality, but renders good and evil a subset of the Absolute.

Thus the ultimate truth is that what man creates may be either good or evil. For duality is an exception of limited value.

For example, objectivity is at the core the brief focus on what subjectivity is not. The mind still is subject to the whims of the body i.e. the emotional content of subjectivity.

Thus objectivity is an artifact of logical thought as opposed to subjectivity's ties to the heart-mind and its emotional content.

What ties objectivity and subjectivity together is the mind's ability to view such abtract concepts in terms of wholes.

Thus objectivity is associated with our observation of the world, while subjectivity is associated with introspection on the inner world of the mind.

Ergo nobody has a clearly objective mind, as objectivity is part of the consensual reality shared by everyone.

Indeed, the objective mind has no body since it exists outside the body and its subjective mind.

Yet this apparent duality fades when one looks for the objective mind. Indeed, the objective mind is related to the concept of single-minded focus (samadhi) of Buddhist philosophy.

Thus non-duality encompasses both duality and itself, just as basic goodness includes both what man creates and whether it is good or evil.

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