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Reflection on My Lot in Life

I am of the working poor because I have trained not to exercise my ego in the unhealthy manner that Western society embraces.

In Buddhism, fame and fortune is what a Buddhist does not seek, because it will distract from peace of mind.

It really isn't important to become a celebrity as it is to seek the Buddha.

Modern society has a love-hate relationship with celebrity: it's ok if someone with talent seeks fame and fortune, but when that person falls, we are free to either offer emotional support or to criticize them.

The same goes for the rare person who follows the Buddha.

To me, mere riches are but an illusion designed to distract me from my path. I do not write this to boast about being poor. I write this out of acceptance of my lot in life.

The thought of becoming rich in the future causes me to fear such a destiny because it would complicate my life unnecessarily, and may even threaten my life with possible death due to home invasion and robbery.

Perhaps my choice of being of the working poor is a wise one. I do not know for sure; only time will tell.

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