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Enlightenment as Liberation from Judgment (humor)

In the beginning was the universe, immaculate and free.

Then one day, humankind arose and through their superior intellect, created gods to support their elites' lust for dominance.

Through further refinement, a few of these elites simplified polytheism into monotheism and religion was created in humankind's image.

Later, good and evil was socially constructed as pre-existing human history with two distinct avatars called God and Satan, following a neo-Platonic model, despite the fact that before human existence, whatever that happened in the universe was most likely neutral i.e. neither good nor evil.

Yet nobody in their right mind would yearn for a world free of good and evil. At the best, the ideal is to be nonjudgmental. For this is the greater good.

To achieve that then is to reject religion because of its inherent reliance on an imaginary friend, and to choose an atheism which allows a few of its adherents to sit on their ass in contemplation of a universe that is the ideal of the greater good.

By doing so, these contemplative atheists help establish the art of being nonjudgmental to free others of prejudice.

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