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Prison as Therapeutic Community

I feel that we need an alternative to prison to prevent self injury and reduces the stress which causes such behavior.

It involves a ghost town and miles of fencing though. It might cost up to a billion dollars including the doctor, the staff and the business licenses.

Why not a therapeutic community in the sticks?

To prevent abuse of trust by staff, reward whistle-blowing.

To prevent prison escapes, all women make and sell products and services. If someone does escape, then it would be to avoid being a productive member of that community. Let the RCMP handle them.

Why it won't work: it "rewards" crime with a job opportunity.

This is what needs to be done to prevent self harm: women's prisons should not be punitive forms of rehabilitation of criminals. It needs to be viewed as a therapeutic community.

Otherwise, the middle management have lost the vision of what prison ought to be.

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