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Saying No to Naysayers The Most Positive Thing to Do

Sometimes negative people present a false downside to positivity e.g. its inability to prevent the downside, which also applies to naysayers.

Additionally, negative people claim that by being negative one prepares oneself for the worst.

Yet they certainly do not appear to enjoy the best of times either.

How can one prepare for the worst and ignore the tiny blessings in life? That is not only disastrous to longterm goals but doomed to breed failure on the short term.

However I am not trying to be negative about the people who are negative.

Indeed everything I said about them so far is the most positive I wish to say about the naysayers.

We need more "fuck yes" and less "no"! We need less "raining on the parade" and more "sunshine and lollipops!"

Indeed, life is too short to spend in woe.

If the naysayers are too busy investing in misery to have fun, I say "No" to their seriousness, and to fun, a big "fuck yes!"

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