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The Lewd Pictures that Got Miss Nevada 2006 Fired (NWSF)

Since it would be best to go there than to steal pictures from the site, I present the pictures that got Miss Nevada 2006 fired.

None of this stuff is that lewd, except among the religious right. It is normal among secular women to act like this when drinking in the US. As well, it is not homosexual behavior among women to act like this.

This is normal bonding between women who drink.

Oh yes! It shows that binge drinking is out of control among young women who also have a lower tolerance to alcohol.

These pictures are proof that alcohol lowers inhibitions.

If THE INTERNET POWERS THAT BE bans these series of pictures, then it is in denial that such things goes on in clubs across America where the drinking age is 19+.

No, this is not proof that American women are decadent hedonists. It just shows a bunch of young women who will eventually become chronic alcoholics.

Overall though, these pictures are tame and what I'd call post-modern cheesecake. They only look lewd because of the old fashioned rule about female nipples.

Why are not men lambasted for being topless? To counter that breasts are oversexualized as it is is a poor argument. It is precisely because female breasts are sexualized by men that is the problem.

Display of female breasts is not consent. It is actually a sign of bravado and aggressive behavior.

Even the kissing is not sexual. All of the behavior displayed is normal human behavior under the influence of drinking.

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