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My Next Music Album (satire)

In this article, I am going to write about the creation of my next music album. With the help of two Android apps on my Nexus 4 smartphone and four Linux programs on my PC, a song is created using two source audio tracks derived from two video files created by one of the apps.

Please note that I have used javascript code to hide and show text depending on the familiarity of my followers with the Android apps and Linux programs mentioned in the rest of this article.

None of the links in the main text of this article will crash your computer and the link at the very end of the references points to the author of the code.

My reason for calling this article satire is that I could have written it without hiding any text at all. Then it would have only made sense to a fellow Linux hobbyist who also owns a smartphone with the same specifications as a Nexus 4, and wants to use the Android apps and Linux programs mentioned in the main text to create song too.

Currently I am using my smartphone to create my next album, Sound of Colors Remixes with the help of the Android app, Color Sounds.

Using the Camera option of Color Sounds, I can create two Flash videos in which the video stream is used to create the audio stream of each video.

Once the videos are made, they are transferred to my PC using Bluetooth.

Once the video files are on my PC, I convert them into MP3 audio files using the audio conversion program Gnac.

After the audio files are created on my PC, I note the time length for each video using the sound editor Audacity.

Then pick one of the audio files to be the main source track and adjust the time length of the remaining file to match the main source track. Next import the remaining audio file and perform "Mix and Render" on both tracks.

Create your song with a time length of between three and six minutes long.

It is feasible to use Color Sounds on your smartphone to create a three to six minute movie if you have the room on your smartphone.

Then you could just convert the videos made to an MP3 audio file and use that as the source audio stream for your song.

However, the larger size of the video file would result in long wait times for the resulting audio file.

Therefore it is recommended to create video files of no longer than a minute at the most. Then convert to audio files, and use them to create your songs.


Android Apps at Google Play:

Both apps work on a Nexus 4 smartphone running Android version 4.4.3. Please test them out and see if they work on your smartphone.

Color Sounds:
See also at Android Ideas:

Bluetooth File Transfer:
See also at Medieval Software:

Linux Programs:

I currently use the waldorf version of Crunch Bang Linux. Most of the programs listed below works best on a Debian-based Linux. However, I have not tested any of them on any other system. Windows versions of the follow programs may or may not work as described.

Audacity: fast, cross-platform audio editor;

Gnac: audio converter for GNOME;

Nautilus: file manager and graphical shell for GNOME;

Thunar: File Manager for Xfce;

Show/hide text code used in this article is from: - Thank you, Garoner Geoffrey for providing this code.

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