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The New Goddess of METAL in Japan (satire)

Warning: some of this article will be in Japanese and Romaji. If this annoys you, then why did you click on the link? :) Seriously though, any error in the translation is due to me not being able to read Japanese at all. Kudos to Google Translate.

Today I have discovered the new goddess of 'METAL' in Japan. Her name is Nakamoto Suzuka, and she is in a girl group called BABYMETAL. According to her, BABYMETAL refers to a new kind of metal, which is when metal meets girl group idol.

Consisting of Suzuka and two other members, BABYMETAL started in 2011 and by 2013, developed quite a following in Asia. They have a fan club in Indonesia. There are also fans in America, Europe and Brazil.

This year, their album is coming out on February 26, 2014. However, I am uncertain if I can afford it since I expect it to be ordered from Japan and the 3000 yen price could easily become $40 after import fees and dealer markup.

Out of the thirteen songs on the album, these are the songs I like: Ijime, Dame, Zettai (Absolutely No Bullying), Catch Me If You Can, Doki Doki Morning, Headbanger!!, and Megitsune (Female Fox).

Absolutely No Bullying is obviously an anti-bullying song. This song suggests that BABYMETAL is a children's version of metal music. That will become more obvious when you listen to them on Youtube. The song itself starts off with a melancholic melody. Then the metal riff begins and finally Suzuka begins to sing about bullying, its effect on friends, and the psychic scars it leaves behind. Near the end of the song, she promises to protect her friends who have been affect by bullying. When a person becomes an adult, she will eventually have to say good-bye to such things. I'm sure the English translation should clear anything up about this song.

As for the phrase, "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" (pronounce ee-gee-meh, dah-meh, Zeh-tie), ijime implies teasing, which is the mild form of the mistreatment a child suffers during bullying. Dame actually means "bad", while zettai means "absolutely" or "unconditional". Thus a rough translation of the phrase is "absolutely bad teasing" or "absolutely no bullying".

Catch Me If You Can appears to be a follow up to Ijime, Dame, Zettai. It starts off slowly for a few bars and goes into a metal riff. The girls say 1, 2, 3 and their song begins. The impression I get is of children the hide or seek game. An old guy is referenced in the song. In fact two children' games are mentioned.

Doki Doki Morning is full of girl group idol charm, metal style. It's about getting up in the morning, a day at school and a girls-only party. However, the song is also about seeing how far one can go, stretching the rules. It's about what the youths want right now. Life when young is very fast-paced.

Headbanger!! is a classic headbanging song. In Japan, when you order this song, you get a neck brace to help teach you how to headbang without hurting your neck. According to my observations of headbanging, it involves a lot of violent bowing and absolutely no nodding of the head at all, lest you get a neck sprain. Having said that, this song has a short rendition of a traditional Japanese song but most of it is BABYMETAL.

Finally, Megitsune seems a puzzle to me, so I looked up the word and it translates as "female fox". I believe it references the magical fox spirit known as "kitsune." The Japanese word "me" means "female". Overall, these lyrics might appear sexist to a feminist. However, this is supposed to be a fun song when sung by a young woman, not an ode to chauvinism. It's a song about growing up from girl to young woman. However, the literal meaning is that BABYMETAL have become like the miko of Shinto, who dance as invitation to the fox spirit to inhabit the dancer(s). Though, this is a figurative explanation given in the reference.

Overall, these are my five favorite BABYMETAL songs. They are also five reasons why I am a fan of Nakamoto Suzuka.
---translation: japanese---
警告:この記事のいくつかは、日本語とローマ字になります。これがあなたを悩ますならば、なぜあなたはリンクをクリックしましたか? :)は、冗談はさておき、翻訳に誤りは全く日本語が読むことができなくするためです。 GoogleTranslateに拍手を送りたい。

今日は、日本の「 METAL 」の新しい女神を発見した。彼女の名前は中本鈴鹿であり、彼女はBABYMETALと呼ばれる女の子のグループである。彼女によると、 BABYMETALは' METAL 'は女性の音楽アイドルを満たしたときのことである。

鈴鹿と他の2つのメンバーで構成される、 BABYMETALが2011年に開始し、 2013年までに、アジアで非常に次のことを開発しました。彼らは、インドネシアでのファンクラブを持っている。アメリカ、ヨーロッパ、ブラジルのファンもあります。


アルバムの13曲のうち、これらは私が好きな曲です:いじめ、ダメ、絶対(絶対にノーいじめ) 、キャッチ·ミーあなたができるかどうか、どきどき朝、ヘッドバンガー、およびMegitsune (女性フォックス) ! !


フレーズのように、「いじめ、寺院、絶対"は、いじめは子供がいじめの間に苦しんで虐待の軽症型である、からかいを意味する。絶対領域が「絶対に」または「無条件」を意味しながら、貴婦人は、実際に、 「悪い」を意味します。従って、この句の大まかな翻訳"絶対に悪いからかい」または「全くいじめ」である。

いじめ、寺院、絶対にフォローアップであるように思われる"できればキャッチ·ミー」 。それは、数小節のためにゆっくりと始まり、金属リフに入る。女の子は1 、 2 、 3を言うとその曲が始まります。私が手印象は子どもの非表示にするには、ゲームを求めている。古い男は歌の中で参照されている。実際には、二人の子供」のゲームは微妙に曲の歌詞に記載されている。


「ヘッドバンガー! "クラシックなヘッドバンギングの歌である。あなたはこの曲を注文する際に日本では、あなたはあなたの首を傷つけることなくどのようにheadbangすることを教えるに役立つネックブレースを得る。あなたが首の捻挫を取得しないようにヘッドバンギングの私の観察によると、それは、暴力的なボーイング全く頭の絶対にうなずきの多くが含まれます。この曲は日本の伝統的な歌の短い表現を持っていますが、そのほとんどがBABYMETALある、と言われています。

最後に、 Megitsuneは私にパズルのようですので、私は単語を見て、それが「女性のキツネ」と変換されます。私はそれがとして知られている魔法のキツネの精神参照すると信じて、 "狐を。 "日本語の単語「Me」は「女性」を意味する。全体的に、これらの歌詞はフェミニストの性差別表示される場合があります。ただし、これは女性ではない優越主義の歌が歌うときの楽しい歌であると考えられる。それは、若い女性に女の子から育っについての歌です。しかし、文字通りの意味は、 BABYMETALがダンサー(複数可)に生息するキツネの精神への招待などの踊り神道の巫女のようになってきているということです。しかし、これは参考文献に与えられた比喩的説明である。

---Translation: Romaji---
Keikoku: Kono kiji no ikutsu ka wa, nihongo to rōma ji ni narimasu. Kore ga anata o nayamasunaraba, naze anata wa rinkuwokurikku shimashita ka? : ) Wa, jōdan wa sateoki, hon'yaku ni ayamari wa mattaku nihongo ga yomu koto ga dekinaku suru tamedesu. GoogleTranslate ni hakushu o okuritai.

Kyō wa, Nihon no `metaru' no atarashī megami o hakken shita. Kanojo no namae wa Nakamoto Suzukadeari, kanojo wa BABYMETAL to yoba reru on'nanoko no gurūpudearu. Kanojo ni yoru to, BABYMETAL wa' metaru' wa josei no ongaku aidoru o mitashita toki no kotodearu.

Suzuka to hoka no 2tsu no menbā de kōsei sa reru, BABYMETAL ga 2011-nen ni kaishi shi, 2013-nen made ni, Ajia de hijō ni tsugi no koto o kaihatsu shimashita. Karera wa, Indoneshia de no fankurabu o motte iru. Amerika, yōroppa, Burajiru no fan mo arimasu.

Kotoshi wa, karera no arubamu wa 2014-nen 2 tsuki 26-nichi ni dete iru. Watashi wa sore ga Nihon kara chūmon suruto 3000-en no kakaku o kantan ni inpōto-ryō ya dīrāmākuappu no nochi ni 40-doru ni naru kanōsei ga yosō sa rerunode, watashi wa sore o yoyū ga aru baai wa, watashi wa kakushin ga motenai.

Arubamu no 13-kyoku no uchi, korera wa watashi ga sukina kyokudesu: "Ijime, dame, zettai", "Catch Me If You Can", "Doki-doki Asa", "Hedobangā!!", oyobi "Megitsune".

`Ijime. Dame, Zettai" wa, akiraka ni han ijime utade wa arimasen. Kono kyoku wa BABYMETAL ga metaru no ongaku no kodomo-tachi no bājondearu koto o shisa shite iru. Anata wa, yūchūbu de kiku tokiniha yori meihaku ni narudarou. Kyoku jitai wa merankorikkuna merodī de hajimaru. Sonogo, kinzoku Rifu ga kaishi sa re, saishūtekini wa Suzuka wa ijime, yūjin e no eikyō, soshite sore wa haigo ni aru mama ni seishin-teki kizu o utau tame ni kaishi sa remasu. Kyoku no owari chikaku ni, kanojo wa ijime ni yotte eikyō o ataete kita kanojo no yūjin o hogo suru koto o yakusoku. Hito wa otona ni natta toki, kanojo wa saishūtekini wa sono yōna mono ni sayonara o iwanakereba naranaideshou. Watashi wa eigo no hon'yaku kono kyoku ni tsuite nanika o kuria suru hitsuyō ga arimasu kakushin shite imasu.

Furēzu no yō ni,`ijime, dame, zettai" wa, ijime wa kodomo ga ijime no ma ni kurushinde gyakutai no keishō-gatadearu, karakai o imi suru. Zettai ryōiki ga `zettai ni' matawa `mujōken' o imi shinagara, kifujin wa, jissai ni, `warui' o imi shimasu. Shitagatte, kono ku no ōmakana hon'yaku" zettai ni warui karakai' matawa `mattaku ijime'dearu.

"Ijime, Dame, Zettai" ni forōappudearu yō ni omowa reru "Catch Me If You Can". Sore wa, sūshōsetsu no tame ni yukkuri to hajimari, kinzoku Rifu ni hairu. On'nanoko wa 1, 2, 3 o iu to sono kyoku ga hajimarimasu. Watashi ga te inshō wa kodomo no hi hyōji ni suru ni wa, gēmu o motomete iru. Furui otoko wa uta no naka de sanshō sa rete iru. Jissai ni wa, futari no kodomo' no gēmu wa bimyō ni kyoku no kashi ni kisai sa rete iru.

"Dokidoki Asa" wa on'nanoko no ongaku no aidoru no miryoku, metaru no sutairu ni michite iru. Kore wa, gozen-chū ni gakkō de no tsuitachi to on'nanoko dake no pāti o eru koto ni tsuitedesu. Shikashi, uta wa 1 rūru o Nobashi, doko made dekiru no ka mite wa mata aru. Wakamono ga ima hoshīmono ni tsuitedesu. Jinsei wakai toki wa hijō ni hayai pēsudearu.

"Heddobangā!!" Kurashikkuna heddobangingu no utadearu. Anata wa kono kyoku o chūmon suru sai ni Nihonde wa, anata wa anata no kubi o kizutsukeru koto naku dono yō ni headbang suru koto o oshieru ni yakudatsu nekkuburēsu o eru. Anata ga kubi no nenza o shutoku shinai yō ni heddobangingu no watashi no kansatsu ni yoru to, soreha, bōryoku-tekina bōingu mattaku atama no zettai ni unazuki no ōku ga fukuma remasu. Kono kyoku wa Nihon no dentō-tekina uta no mijikai hyōgen o motte imasuga, sono hotondo ga BABYMETAL aru, to iwa rete imasu.

Saigo ni, "Megitsune" wa watashi ni pazuru no yōdesunode, watashi wa tango o mite, sore ga `josei no kitsune' to henkan sa remasu. Watashi wa sore ga to shite shira rete iru mahō no kitsune no seishin sanshō suru to shinjite, " kitsune o. " Nihongo no tango `Me' wa `josei' o imi suru. Zentai-teki ni, korera no kashi wa feminisuto no seisa betsu hyōji sa reru baai ga arimasu. Tadashi, koreha joseide wanai yūetsu shugi no uta ga utau toki no tanoshī utadearu to kangae rareru. Sore wa, wakai josei ni on'nanoko kara soda~tsu ni tsuite no utadesu. Shikashi, mojidōri no imi wa, BABYMETAL ga dansā (fukusū-ka) ni seisoku suru kitsune no seishin e no shōtai nado no odori shintō no miko no yō ni natte kite iru to iu kotodesu. Shikashi, koreha sankō bunken ni atae rareta hiyu-teki setsumeidearu.

Zentai-teki ni, korera wa watashi no 5 no okiniiri no BABYMETAL no utadearu. Karera wa mata, watashi wa Nakamoto Suzuka no fandesu, naze itsutsu no riyūdearu.


I couldn't have completed this arficle without the efforts of Du Enki at and the following pages there.

Arigato Gozaimasu to Du Enki for his tremendous work translating BABYMETAL songs.

Absolutely No Bullying:

Catch Me If You Can:

Doki Doki Morning:



BABYMETAL - Wikipedia:

Nakamoto Suzuka:

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