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Canadian Law Promotes Serial Killings of Prostitutes (satire)

Canadian society is so backwards it considers men's clubs to be sexist and demeaning to women, despite the fact that in Asian countries, the employment situation is stacked against women, due to the sexism rampant in Asia.

There will never be a club where I could pay to date a woman and privately negotiate an arrangement for relationships that would be deemed prostitution in Canada.

Instead, it would be shut down as a brothel under our antiquated Canadian law, due to the misunderstanding that we have about sexwork in the 21st Century.

Instead, our laws about prostitution have facilitated the Picton serial killings and several unsolved serial killings involving prostitutes.

I have yet to hear of a serial killer targeting prostitutes in Malaysia or Thailand. Could this be a benefit of living in a Muslim country that has rejected wahhabism?

In any case, Canadian prostitution laws need to be thrown out because they actually lead to the high risks associated with the lifestyle. What Canada needs are sexworker friendly laws which protect the workers and make clients more socially responsible.

Though I cannot see this happening unless the bawdy house laws are thrown out and replaced by laws that protect brothels and sexworkers.

Until then, the serial killings of prositutes will continue unabated because the police forces in Canada are inept.

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