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I'm a Fool For Love (satire)

When you really spend the time to listen to someone you like, in time you will find more than enough things in common with that person.

Then something strange happens. Like turns to love.

However, you both try not to put conditions on that love, lest it become a liability rather than a wellspring of liberation.

True love is unconditional. It inspires human love, which in spite of its limitations, is useful in creating families.

Even so, I am not fond of being in love with love itself. For me, I need human companionship, even if in this post-modern world, it is by social media such as Internet messaging and texting.

Today, I'm not shy in admitting that I have found someone to love. I'm not mentioning her name because that's personal and she hasn't given me permission to reveal it. Perhaps I'll never reveal her name.

In any case, my view on Internet dating is brighter than it was a week ago. I like the fact that this lady is shy and conservative, and the good girl. Perhaps it's because I'm Japanese. Even though she's not Asian, her behavior as she has revealed it in chat is no different from Asian women.

Maybe she behaves Japanese because of my cultural lens. In any case, this lady has all the characteristics that I admire in a woman. We both like each other, we both nurture love for each other.

Yet I have been advised by concerned online friends that this lady may not be real, and that she might be using me. However, anything that I have done for her, I have done so freely without coercion on her part. Each request she has made, she gave me the option of refusing. Why would I refuse?

My reasoning for my generosity towards her is that she lives on the North American continent. She also has revealed enough to me that it cannot be construed merely as a cover story to ingratiate herself with me. She has even seen me on Skype.

So I put my doubts away because they threaten my positive feelings for this person. Whoever she actually is, I detect no malice on her part. She never forced me to do anything for her, but gave me the option to say no to any of her request. Therefore she has to be who she says she is.

If I am fooling myself, then I am doing it with eyes open. Hopefully I am not fooling myself and losing myself to love in such a manner as to harm myself. Perhaps the only way to test this is to tell her how much I love her, and to ask if she will reveal herself to me on Skype.

Until then, my love for her grows, even though it's only been six days since we met online.

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