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Why the Santa Barbara Killer Is Not Misogynist (satire)

Recently, a son of a famous film director went on the rampage in Santa Barbara and killed six people, consisting of three men stabbed to death, and a man and two women shot to death. Additionally he shot but only wounded about a dozen people, mostly women.

Once the feminists got wind of this, they called "misogynist serial killer" which is a stretch. I would prefer to call it another narcissistic personality suffering from affluenza who displaces his anger against women in a disgusting way.

Look, I am sorry for all those people who were murdered by him, but the body count is four men and two women, and the women were only killed because they walked in front of the sorority house where he aimed to kill a lot of women, according to his rant on Youtube.

So he's a misogynist for wishing death on women, but the body count indicates that he was successful in carrying out a misanthropic mass killing.

Yet his aim was so poor that he only wounded several more innocent bystanders who just happened to be in his line of fire. After a brief shootout with police, he shoots himself in the head, bringing the total body count to seven (five men and two women).

I don't think this is misogynist at all, despite the many women wounded. This is just some poor little rich guy with a narcissistic personality whose affluenza ended in bloodshed because of his ineptness at communicating with women.

I agree with the father of one victim: America needs tougher gun control laws. Indeed, this is a wake up call to America. A big database of firearms is necessary to prevent theft and illegal sales of firearms. It works in Canada.

After the recent flooding in southern Alberta a couple years ago, the RCMP were able to target homes with firearms and remove them for the safety of that community.

Could you imagine if that were possible in America today? We know gun control works, because Australia is proof of that. Despite the Monach University shooting, things were swiftly brought under control when the crazed gumman was taken down by brave survivors of his wild shooting. Few people died in that tragedy because of their brave actions.

In response, the gun control laws were toughened. If a new crazed killer were to try the same stunt, there are safeguards in place in Australia to prevent another tragedy.

Even so, because of a few NRA patriots in America, a tough gun control law will never be enacted due to "the right to bear arms." However this sacosanct right to bear arms requires a militia who obeys the laws and does not act to overthrow the government.

I cannot see the NRA forming such a militia. In fact, the survivalist faction of gun owners is not a militia. Rather, they are just hoping to survive an apocalypse of their imagination and tough it out.

Sadly though, the Sandy Hook massacre shows us the folly of that move. That tragedy might have been due to the perpetrator hating his mother enough to shoot her as she slept in bed, and going on a rampage at an elementary, mainly because children are somehow easier to murder in cold blood than the police.

In fact, the shooter shot himself in the head before the cops got to him. By the time they rushed in to save the day, a lot of children were dead, and so too the killer himself.

Returning to the Santa Barbar shooting, the warning signs were not heeded by police because the shooter was able to lie to police. He was even able to gloat about evading their surveillance by appearing as meek as a lamb.

I cannot fault the Santa Barbara police in this case. Even though they are easily duped by a sociopathic killer, they only acted in the best interest of society. It would be unfair of society scapegoat the police in this case. Perhaps they were poorly trained in this case. However that is open to speculation.

What cannot be speculated is that two women and four men lost their lives, three to a knife and three to a gun.

If this killer was truly misogynist, then he would have establish a death count by shooting people he wounded but he didn't. In my opinion, this is because he wasn't interested in killing people dead after six had died.

Had he actually been dedicated in ending people's lives, there would have been a bigger body count. However, it is hard to shoot effectively from a moving car with one hand on the wheel while wielding a handgun. The V-Tech massacre is proof of this.

In the case of the V-Tech shootings, Seung-ho Cho went back to shoot wounded students. The same thing happened in the Sandy Point massacre.

Because the Santa Barbara shooter did not ensure a higher body count, I can only assume that he actually didn't want to establish a high body count. Perhaps this is because after killing six people, he had had his fill of killing. Everything after that was merely him barely going through the motions.

Again, I must reiterate that I am sorry that the six people were killed, and many more people are suffering in the aftermath of this horrible tragedy.

In spite of this I know the US government will not toughen gun laws, because California has tough enough laws to restrict the sale of firearms as it is. Toughening gun laws will not prevent future tragedies of this type.

If America truly wants to prevent such mass shootings from occurring, then it will have to reform its public education system, which has made many a student feel special, so special that even thwarting the aim of a virgin to get laid has left to six people dead.

We need to stop making kids feel as though society owes them something just for existing. We also need to teach children the value of humility in a world which is currently labeling that as harmful to children's self esteem.

For as long as we continue with the practice of inculcating narcissism in children, only children with potential narcissistic personalities will grow up with the potential to become mass murderers, just for not getting what they want.

As long as we continue on the current path from kintergarden to high school, there shall be future mass shootings in America. Gun control will not prevent future tragedies from happening as long as the right to bear arms is held sacrosanct in American society.

This is why I believe the Santa Barbara killer is not a misogynist. All he is is what is wrong in American public schools today.

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