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The Sociopathy of Post-Modern Society (satire)

Given that 2% of the population is sociopathic why is it then that most parents consistently lie about drugs ("drugs are bad") while doing drugs ("drinking and smoking") but consider themselves responsible adults?

Could sociopathy be inculcated by the family unit and thus be a cultural artifact rather than a mental illness?

If sociopathy is a cultural artifact, then might not sociopathy be a part of a lifestyle?

And if sociopathy is a part of a lifestyle, might not the lies and the tendency to become a serial killer be a consequence of not giving a shit about others (anti-social tendencies) and the inculcation of a narcissistic personality?

If so, then the way public education is now taught surely is ensuring that sociopathy cannot be eradicated due to it being a cultural phenomenon rather than a mental illness.

For sociopathy could be an abreaction to society, specifically the family.

Indeed, the only way to control sociopathy is to be honest about the fact that we tell ourselves white lies daily in order to survive in a society that expects a lot out of each individual but lacks an efficient way of compensating for the negative effects such as stress.

Am I suggesting sociopathy is learned? Yes, sociopathy is adaptative but is harder to "unlearn" than an addiction. However, I deny it is a mental illness because most sociopaths are not mentally ill.

It could even be argued that post-modern society itself contains elements in it which lead 2% of the population to opt out of the majority and become sociopathic e.g. we have no means in hospitals to ensure that children who are seriously ill do not give up hope and become sociopaths as a result of social isolation from their family unit.

A good example of this is Seung-hui Cho, whose childhood illness contributed greatly to his psychopathy which resulted in one of the largest kill-ratio in the history of mass shootings.

What kind of society is it that can create innovative technology yet lacks the manpower to counsel children so that they don't become serial killers? Even if less than 2% of people become sociopaths, why is it that we put stress on our children so that they end up like Columbine and the Santa Barbara mass shooter?

I mention stress, because it is usually the reason for a harmless schizotypy morphing into a schizophrenia. Even though meditation is touted as a vital part of stress relief, very few people in the West can sit still for it to bring stress relief. Instead, harmful sedatives are prescribed, due to the nature of sedatives as an easy solution to stressful situations.

Sociopaths are not going to "get" meditation for it to make a difference in their lives unless they are in a controlled setting to practice it, and even then, the tendency on their part is to not only lie to others that it works for them but to lie to themselves about it working. Most likely, they might be the reason why most people in the West don't meditate because "it doesn't work", which is an opinion and not a fact but an opinion which leads to the instant fix of a sedative.

Thus the idea that a pill will cure a mental illness is also a big lie, and the result of sociopathy when a lot of people believe in it, rather than in meditation.

However, I am presenting meditation as a cure-all because if sociopathic people practice it, either they'll go on to become cult leaders or become better people.

Everyone else will just improve their lives.

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