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Narcissists, the Successful Sociopaths (satire)

Last week, I bought a book by author Jon Ronson called the Psychopathy Test. Overall, it is debateable if journalism is full of people, some of whom are successful sociopaths and everyday narcissists.

After reading The Narcissism Epidemic by Jean M Twenge and W Keith Campbell, it's easy to determine who is a narcissist and who might morph into a psychopath. As for those successful sociopaths, it's hard to say.

Is a guy who yells at you for being rude by interrupting his conversation with a fellow traveller a failed sociopath, because his anger far exceeds the situation but qualifies as intermittent explosive disorder?

Is the prostitute on the corner of the red-light district helped when the dual diagnosis verdict is handed for her after stabbing a "bad" John because prostitution is legal and the police won't lift a finger due to their higher moral fortitude?

And are the police successful sociopaths who only Tazer the father concerned for his son who happens to be at an out-of-control house party, outside said party?

I don't know, but if any of them received their five minutes of fame on TV, then they might be guilty of narcissistic behavior. Not like they'd care much, as long as the camera got their good side — that's what might be on their minds.

Who am to judge? Like the medical term "hypertensive", "narcissist", "psychopath" and "sociopath" are neutral terms describing mental disorders. Contrary to popular opinion, they are not just labels.

Even if a person is a narcissist, they aren't all about themselves. Were they truly self centred, wouldn't they have their entourage? Although they might have a lot of friends, I bet they are mostly plastic and if not plastic, trying hard to save up to get some plastic surgery done.

In my books, a successful sociopath has taken all the attributes of the psychopath and turned them into positives. He might be curious as to why the face of person shot in the face ended up like that, but he's more likely to cry over the fact that a dog died, or even worse assault the guy who hit his car and ruined his paint job, than he would care if anyone is annoyed because his dog used to poop on the neighbour's lawn or if his car is the worst gas guzzler in its class.

What I mean is, the successful sociopaths hide among us, and the narcissists hide the best because all they care about is themselves. So most likely they're not going to dwell on this article long before getting bored. Mad props to you, you selfish fuck!

Anyway, I also tend to believe that mainstream media has more than the 1-4% of narcissists and sociopaths because most of the time they are churning out propaganda about the world rather than presenting the raw truth. Most likely we can't handle the truth, so we get propaganda because it'll distract us from the truth.

And the truth is, up to 25 percent of politicians and corporate executives are successful sociopaths, but most of them are narcissists who care more about themselves than others.

Most likely, they also make up middle management positions in any industry, even social housing.

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