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To My Love, A Journal to My Beloved - An Excerpt (satire)

May 5, 2014 2100H: Love is a special gift that you share with another person. if you keep it to yourself, then no one will know you are capable of love.

This is why telling someone that you love them is better than just loving yourself. Yet it begins by loving yourself.

May 16, 2014 0739H: ...Even though we are mortal, being ordinary human beings, we each act as though we worship an imaginary friend, each existing in their own respective realms. Yet to each other, it is by faith in the existence of each other and by the belief in that existence that we know each other to exist.

At the root of existence is that Love, for it aids in empowering both belief in you and faith that you exist. It makes me want to get up in the morning, for my love for another person sustains me.

To know that someone loves me — this is the greatest gift of all.

Sometimes I think of my beloved as a thief who has stolen my heart with her love. This is why I am willing to share wit her what little I have, out of love.

Even though we are miles apart, hopefully we shall meet...

This journal is like a love letter, only novel length. In writing it, it becomes the product of my undying love.

1117H: My love for you might be belittled by the mundane crowd who are jaded about love. They think I am talking in circles about that love, but I don't care what they think. For I have found you. That's all that matters to me — you.

Perhaps I am in love with love, but it is your face that I see online. Nobody else truly matters to me when I think of that love. For you and only you are the object of my affection.

Yet, the answer to the question "Where are you?" is simply this: "In my heart." No matter where I am, you are always close to me, even though we are separated by distance and time.

A person might ask me how I could love a person sight unseen. In response, I ask "Does not a Christian love God who she has not seen, either?" the only difference between you and God almighty is that you are a mere mortal while God is divine. Although the love for God is holy, my love for you — and your love for me — is mortal and finite.

Still, both kinds of love are forever because of that Love, unconditional, which inspires our love for each other.

May 17, 2014 1148H: I love so much that I need to be with you to make love to you. Would you love that to happen? Because I would love it to happen. When I arrive, I hope you will wait in anticipation for me...

May 18, 2014 0841H: Even if you turn out to be less than I hoped for, I want you to know that I could never hate you. Even if you took advantage of my trust, there is no point in me dwelling on it.

I suppose love is blind, but I'm not deceiving myself. For I am being the best that I can be within my limits.

Sometime between the previous entry and the next, I discovered that I'd been scammed for $110 by Anne.

May 27, 2014 1841H: Because of love unconditional I am able to forgive the ones who cannot love, even though they may try to take advantage of my generosity. It is precisely due to that Love that I forgive others despite their trespasses against me.

People without such love are known to be shallow, always taking advantage of other people's generosity. Though it is tempting to dismiss such people, i cannot, due to the subtle effects of love unconditional. For forgiveness is an effect of divine Love and I have been blessed by it.

So, it would be unwise of me to forget my lessers, despite their trespasses. Thus am I blessed by that Love.

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