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An Otaku View of Mormon (satire)

At the temple yesterday I remember explaining the difference between -sama and -kun to a fellow Japanese Mormon, who's been a Mormon for over 40 years.

I also kidded him and said he'd be like my sempai since this is my third time at the temple.

Even so, the only thing that "got" me was Mormon cosmology, which is almost like Buddhist cosmology except it skips the Six Realms of Desire and the Pure Lands, and presents this false concept of immortality.

This is why I think of eternity as a finite time period of an exceedingly long length, and immortality as a life of an exceedingly long length that still will end when a person is reborn in a new realm --- because if God was once man in a previous life, then a person who might become a god in the next, might again be reborn in a new realm.

If the above is confusing, it appears being born again might be a part of a long cycle of rebirth.

I'm not sure if not desiring to get into the priesthood as a way to break that cycle is something I'd share with the pair of elders, though.

Sometimes I think my adventures with the Mormons would make a great manga. However, I am more interested in turning the cosmology into manga.

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