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The Do-Gooder (satire)

When a man abandons egoistic desire and chooses to do all that is pure and good, his basic goodness outshines all shame and reproach.

Choosing good over evil is just and good, when the innocent achieve justice. Indeed, it is good to abandon the wicked to achieve that justice.

Yet humans bedevil themselves when they call what they think is not good evil and blame a supernatural being for their lot in life.

Indeed, choosing good over evil is like choosing love over hate. The wise however should determine what is good and do it while refraining from doing evil.

It makes no sense to scapegoat other people who you assume are doing evil, just because you have chosen to do good.

For do-gooders ought not trespass against other people simply because of their unbelief. Instead, they should patiently guide them through skillful means.

Such a wise person who is skilled in guiding other people would never reproach another person simply because he made the wrong choice. Rather, he would comfort the wrong-doer and let him discover the error of his ways.

This is why it is wise to abandon desire and chooses to do good.

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