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You Failed, DEA! (satire)

Recent news that the War on Drugs is a dismal failure brought a smile to my face.

To the DEA and the RCMP in Canada: "I told you so." Your anti-cannabis agenda was never about eradicating a dangerous drug, and you know it. It was about spreading propaganda and disinformation to make it look like you were saving society from the "devil weed." In the process, you demonized pot smokers and treated some of them as though they were major drug fiends who would become like Justin Bourque.

The truth is, Bourque — and the celebrity Amanda Bynes — are rare cases of THC psychosis caused by the intricate interaction between THC and stress on the human mind, and would clear up had the person just moderated their THC intake.

In short, "less is more" as in "less pot results in more control over stress in one's life." High consumption of marijuana never results in less stress since it is a fallacy to assume THC cures stress. What it does is chill you the fuck out, but beyond a certain level of consumption that calmness leads to anxiety, and later insomnia, mania and even psychosis.

IMO this is why the hard core pot advocates will disagree with me on this. They smoke so much the mania that THC causes in high doses prevents them from understanding that high THC consumption will lead to more anxiety and might spiral out of control.

Yet one symptom of psychosis is a state of constant denial, because it is easier to deny the truth than to give up one's current grasp on reality. If we let go of our preconceived notions of reality, then we might learn something deep and meaningful about reality itself.

However, you DEA and you RCMP have failed in stopping the War on Drugs. Your only reason for continuing the war is to look like a hero and hoodwink Americans and Canadians.

In fact, by establishing yourself in Canada, you are contributing to the problem rather than solving it.

I'm sure the only reason the DEA moved to Vancouver and Toronto was to pressure PM Harper to introduce minimum sentences on marijuana possession and related nonsense.

I also suspect that certain gangs in BC formed because the strategy of placing key members of teen gangs in the same prison and youth remand centres without keeping adequate checks and balances due to the fact that youth corrections personnel have little training in self defense against violent teenaged gang members.

In short, the shortcomings of BC youth corrections combined with more violence teenagers who have been groomed to become narcissistic led to even more violent youth gangs.

As well, it is a well known fact that families were broken up over marijuana charges, due to the propaganda against cannabis.

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