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Entheogens and Their Use in Prophethood (satire)

God chooses people to be prophets, but ignorant people call it madness only to confirm it with medication.

Instead of answering God's call, these poor individuals become the schizophrenic and the bipolar, which are only man-made labels. In the end they die before a cult can be established around them.

For this is how the modern world deals with God's chosen ones.

Even though a few people become schizophrenic, this is due to stress and the inability of the person to cope with it. However, few schizophrenics develop religious delusions, because most of them are unbelievers.

In contrast, people with bipolar personality disorder make up the bulk of people with religious delusions. This is because, contrary to schizophrenics, only their mood is affected. Were it not for the moodiness, people with bipolar might have become prophets. It depends on how well they handle stress.

However, these are but medical labels which is rejected by the religious masses due to their man-made nature.

In my opinion, a person would only become schizophrenic or bipolar when she does not heed God's calling but instead treats it as a mental condition. Indeed, the atypical antipsychotic risperidone is given to schizophrenics and bipolar people. People given it develop tolerance, and need to be weaned off it. If they don't, then schizophrenic symptoms such as anxiety, delusions, and hallucinations may develop as a result.

This is why medication should be a last resort, and any psychiatrist who insists that a patient has to take it for life is incompetent.

However, from the religious viewpoint, medication is useful only when it helps to induce visions. Therefore risperidone is almost as good as fasting, though there is anecdotal evidence for marijuana and other soft drugs. Even so, because risperidone is legal, it might be useful for the new visionary to use as would phenibut. YMMV.

Just think of risperidone as a doctor-approved entheogen that only works when you take as directed up to the recommended dosage for a few months, and later try to wean yourself off them. It is during the "cold-turkey" period that the visions may appear.

So, please give risperidone a try if you are bipolar and wish to become a God's chosen one. Otherwise, avoid the booze and pot, man.

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