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We're Sitting Ducks for an Invasion, Corporate Style (satire)

We should be training children to become ninjas, so that when al Qaeda hits the US again during 911 Part 2, they can save us from mercenaries.

Though by then, everyone will know that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are fronting it, and probably caused the first 911 so that totalitarianism could be embedded in the West. Though by then, they might all be dressed in black suits and carrying briefcases instead.

This is the price we pay for globalism: OPEC collaborating with Shell, Exxon, BP and other multinational oil corporations to steal our rights, all due to the corruption of the elites running our countries.

When 911 Part 2 hits, al Qaeda will be a multinational corporation spreading the product called sharia through economic sanctions. If they want the ports of America, then the Saudis will buy them up first.

The reason why I think children should be trained to be ninjas is for self defense. For the Islamists have plans for the girls and boys as long as they are compliant. If they are trained as ninjas, then the mercenary businessmen don't stand a chance.

As it stands now, if ISIS establish their corporate state of sharia, then it's only a matter of time before they invade the West. However, even CNN has yet to consider that possibility. That's because everyone is a sheep, so they won't send their kids to ninja camp.


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