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Identifying Anger Issues In Relationships (satire)

In a new relationship?

Check the closet. If the clothes hangers are deformed, then quite possibly the new partner has anger issues.

Do not confront her about the clothes hangers. Just know that your days with her are numbered.

While awaiting the end of the relationship, treat her respect and love. Forgive her plenty of times.

This is not the time to judge her since you really love her. Love her a lot. You know what to do.

Hopefully, by the time you two are this close, your love for each other is improving the relationship as well as each of you. It will help you to trust each other.

When the time is right to bring up the clothes hangers, and you'll know that is when you two start living together, go into her closet to put your clothes away on those hangers.

This is now when you ask "Darling, why are these hangers like this?"

If the relationship ends sometimes after this, the clothes hangers had absolutely nothing to do with it.

If, instead, you two grow closer in love, never forget the closet hangers, because if she can deform clothes hangers, then she can choke you to death when she lets her anger control her.

However, she won't ever do that to you because she loves you. So stop acting in any way to make her go bad-ass on you.

Should you be one of those empaths, narcissists or sociopaths you would not have made it this far. Her anger issues were because of your behavior, be it emotional overreactions, selfishness or abuse. If she were on the ball, then she would have kicked you out a long time ago.

Deal with it and move on.

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