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A Short Word on Breath Meditation (satire)

From meditation, I learned how to control my breathing. After meditating for many years — almost 25 years now mdash; it dawned on me that controlling my breathing works for recovery from a cold over two years ago.

One day, the tickle in my throat preceding a cough almost overcame me, which was overcome by controlling my breathing until the cough went away.

Today I have practice these breathing exercises consistently. To the average person, breathing is overlooked as unimportant and hardly necessary.

For myself, I find that on days when I do not practice my breathing exercises, I am not as calm as I am when I do practice these exercises.

So rather than simply breathing, I instead count out my breaths while feeling thankful to the Buddha and to God. However, it is important for me to point out that being thankful to a person you admire (a mother or suitable substitute) is also equally useful during breath meditation.

Furthermore, my years of meditation must have paid off because my heart rate ranges from 50-96 beats per minute. which I attribute to meditation and also regular exercise.

It is due to regular exercise and positive thinking that the benefits of breath meditation become amplified.

People sometimes wonder why meditate. My answer is, meditation will help you control your mind and your body, so that you may better serve other people as a friend, a lover or a worker. Indeed, meditation truly is the only mind control tool to help your master your mind and body for your benefit and to benefit society.

Breathe deeply and master body and mind!

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