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America Viewed as a Nation of Sociopaths (satire)

Note: the term sociopath is a description not a diagnosis.

Slavery was popular because America was more sociopathic in the past, and thus unwilling to let black sociopaths succeed as equals. They denied slaves their rights because white sociopaths invented the lie that black people are inferior due to the color of their skin.

This lie is refuted by the works of successful sociopaths who are black, including several kings in Africa and Madagascar.

Yet blacks are not truly equal to other blacks and white peoples because the white and black unsuccessful sociopaths like preying on the narcissistic and empathic blacks, and compete horribly with the successful blacks. Of course, they also prey on whites, too.

Name calling successful blacks as Uncle Tom is a strategy unsuccessful black sociopaths to foment internecine warfare with successful blacks.

Another strategy is fornicating with black female sociopaths, narcissists and empath, but not marrying them and taking off when they beget children. This leads to a whole whack of dysfunction in the black community.

All of the problems in America today are because lying is a normal part of becoming a successful sociopath to amass wealth in America today.

Indeed, the sick soul of America is revealed through the lives of a bunch of sociopaths, both unsuccessful (criminals) and successful (corporate executives), while the middle class is being killed in the crossfire.

Here is evidence of that sick soul of America - in the comments section of this news story about the tragic drowning of the daughter of a Christian minister.

When a second child of a Christian minister dies, the wolves resort to racist name-calling and obscene jokes to troll for reactions.

They do so because Christians would have confirmation about the devilish nature of lost sheep who have mutated into cruel cowards. They go beyond merely laughing quietly with glee to anonymously expressing it in a perverse manner as they pretend to be the devil's advocate.

Yet they grow quiet when outnumbered by the well wishers.

Thus is proved my contention that the sick soul of America is revealed every time tragedy or even success is reported. These armchair sociopaths certainly are "scum."

It is no wonder most survivors of tragedy withhold statements to the press, with the mainstream media enabling such ingrates.

FWIW, for one of these perverts vilely expressing their schadenfreude insincerely, there are two angels who rush in to honor the dead and stand up for these survivors while offering sincere condolences.

Rest in peace, Rebecca Long and Alex Long. Condolences to their parents, Gerard and Jeannie Long, and brother Ben.

Originally written on Sep 8, 2014 at 1:59 PM

Father of Lake Forest drowning victim: We are broken -

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