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Hello Insomnia My Old Friend (satire)

Hello Insomnia, my old friend. It's nice from beginning to end, to go shopping until I run short of money again and again. Afterward, I count all my purchases up only to find myself with less than fifty bucks in my bank account.

For I have survived insomnia over Wednesday into Thursday after Monday-Tuesday.

Earlier today I remember getting on the bus and traveling by Skytrain to Vancouver, snapping picture discretely.

After depositing my cheque in my account, I headed into downtown Vancouver finally to find myself talking to a lot of cellphone providers' sales staffs' ears off about my Nexus 4. It's stuck in reboot hell where it still works but likes to reboot when I am about to send a post to GooglePlus, or it will reboot after I take too many pictures with the camera app. Additionally, the wireless module in the phone is not properly heat sinked so that using wireless while charging it overheats it, be it by wall charger or wireless charger.

By late afternoon, I was tempted to smoke and had one cigarette. The nicotine buzz only last 10 minutes. Later, I gave away my $1 lighter to a homeless man after handing him a tooney. It felt great, him thanking me.

On reflection, it was due to having my impulse buying frustrated by realizing that I couldn't buy a Sony sports video camera for $99. No biggie now, but out of frustration, I convinced myself that having just one cigarette was safe.

Tomorrow, when I have had a long sleep, that craving will be gone once again. If I was truly addicted, then I would have obsessed about that cigarette for hours before.

Since I have to work Saturday there is NO way I am going to lose sleep Friday night. This is no good, for if I keep this up, I could end up without a job and that is not good. The good news is, I have padded all my bills to cover for these five days of insomnia.

So it is back to a regular sleep schedule once again, which is only achievable by calling it a night by 12 AM.

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